Fee Chart

When Payable

Dishonored Direct
Debit Fee

If a Direct Debit payment dishonours due to insufficient funds


Fine processing fee

Fuel Fee

Upon us receiving a fine or traffic infringement notice relating to the bike during the Rental Period


Cleaning Fee

Lost Key Replacement Fee

Vehicle returned without a full tank of fuel

Security Bond

Third Party Excess

Vehicle returned without being sufficiently cleaned, excluding fair wear and tear

Amount to refuel, plus a $10.00  service fee

Loss of keys during the Rental Period


$250.00 per key



As shown in the Rental Agreement and will be refunded in full if no money is outstanding and no damage has been caused to the bike apart from fair wear and tear


In the event where a Third Party makes a claim for damages to their property, if the damages are less than the excess, you pay the lower amount

If roadside assistance is required for breakdowns that are not deemed either a mechanical or manufacturers fault

Roadside Call-out Fee

Late Service Fee

If the bike exceeds 500km kilometers past its service due date, you will either pay the late service fee or pay for any repairs required due to the missed service, whichever is greater

$150.00 and/or any repair costs


Service Booking
No-Show Fee

If you do not attend or reschedule your service booking within 24 hours


Lost or Damaged Accessories

In the event you lose or damage any accessories, excluding fair wear and tear, you will be liable for the replacement costs

$100.00 Helmet
$50.00 Insulated Bag

Cancellation Booking Fee

The booking deposit will not be refunded if your new hire booking is not cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours